Type / Thesis

“A Moveable Feast”: Life Writings/Narrations in Monique Truong’s The Book of Salt

Jade Tsui-yu Lee

Page / 39-66


Monique Truong’s 2003 novel The Book of Salt features various layers of cross-cultural and generational references in the generic hybrids and embedding of novel, cookbooks, autobiographies and memoirs. Multi-faced, multi-vocal and multi-focal, the novel in question critically addresses the interplay of fiction and reality with the narrative styles of autobiography and autoethnography. Departing from the discussion of generic connotations of autobiography and autoethnography, the paper examines the novel’s intertexuality of multiple life writings and narrations and explores how the characters shape their life experiences and negotiate with foreign cultures, by bodily and sensory experiences, if not by language.

Keywords : Monique Throng, The Book of Salt, diaspora, taste, life writing, Vietnamese American Literature, autobiography, autoethnography
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